Diversity Hosting Participation Event

Keynote & fishbowl moderation at the annual conference of the Fachverband Kulturmanagement 2023

What is the status quo of cultural participation? What old and, above all, new solutions are there to change this? Where can we already see successful ways of practising participation in the cultural sector? The guests and participants at the annual conference of the Fachverband Kulturmanagement 2023 entitled "Kulturelle Teilhabe - Status quo und Zukunftsperspektiven"(=cultural participation - status quo and future prospects) from 20 to 22 September focused on these questions.

To open the second day, Prasanna Oommen gave a keynote speech on the topic of "Implementing rethinking - framework and success conditions for sustainable change in the cultural sector" and then moderated a fishbowl.

The event was organised by the Institute for Cultural Participation Research (IKTf) in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) and Macromedia University.

The keynote will be published soon and can be read here.

Image: © IKTf/Frank Peters