Prasanna Oommen
Mülheimer Freiheit 128
51063 Cologne
+49 221 680890 42

People and places we like to work with

Mülheimer Freiheit 126
Sometimes everything is in place and all that is missing is the right venue …

von morgen advertising agency
Large-scale campaigns need service providers with the necessary skills and expertise. This is why we like to collaborate with this highly competent team when working on major projects (even though they are based on the wrong side of the Rhine for us).

Stefan Flach – filter design
Little can be achieved without images and visualization – but even the best design is dependent on good communication. We greatly value the expert and interpersonal aspects of our longstanding, tried-and-tested cooperation with Stefan Flach – and not least because it’s a pleasure to work with him.

IMAP Institut
With IMAP we share the conviction that solid relationship building is essential when it comes to change management in institutions. Since 2018, we have enjoyed working together on larger-scale projects in the areas of organizational development and political communication.

Bassam Ghazi
Bassam Ghazi is a drama teacher, director and diversity trainer. And he does all of these things extremely well. Bassam’s and Prasanna’s paths first crossed at the Zukunftsakademie NRW in 2015 – even though both had already been working for years in Cologne’s Mülheim district. Read more

headtrip immersive media GmbH
There is a lot of talk about future readiness in the cultural and education sector. We really enjoy working with these specialists in virtual and augmented reality – because the future has already arrived.

Ola Mura
These days, even the smallest NGO cannot survive without digital expertise. What we appreciate about Ola Mura is the way she handles projects big and small with equal capability. Whether we need an overall digital strategy or an individual social media narrative, she is our (no longer quite so secret) insider’s tip.

Neue Deutsche Medienmacher*innen
What we share with this association of media professionals is our commitment to greater diversity among decision-makers and the upcoming generation. And apart from the fact that Prasanna Oommen herself has been an active member for many years, we know many great and highly competent colleagues there with whom we have collaborated time and again in all kinds of different contexts for more than ten years now.

Das Kulturgetriebe
The Kulturgetriebe is all about cultural education and in-service continuing training, and also offers a wide range of advisory services for creative professionals and non-profit start-up founders. But that’s by no means all: it also encompasses the Kölner Institut für Kulturarbeit und Weiterbildung (the Cologne Institute for Cultural Work and Continuing Training) and the szene kulturmanagement network, as well as renting out studio spaces. We are big fans of this place, the people behind it, and what they do. 

Expert hosts and speakers

Quality also means not claiming to be able to do everything, and reserving the right on occasion to say a polite “no”. Our network includes people who Prasanna knows professionally and personally and is therefore happy to recommend to others. To achieve the best possible match, we prefer to recommend these colleagues on a personal basis when Prasanna herself isn’t free or is not the right fit for your project.


Mentor for the programme “NDM goes Ruhrgebiet” (mentee: Kübra Layık)
Client: Neue Deutsche Medienmacher (New German Media Professionals)

Since January 2019  
Expert at thematic forum entitled “Das große Wort vor Ort: starke Medien, starker Zusammenhalt, starke Demokratie” (Doing all the talking at the local level: strong media, strong cohesion, strong democracy) within the framework of the Ruhr Conference
Client: State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia

Since February 2020
Juror and mentor for the fellowship programme “Cultural Journalism and Digital Media” run by the Akademie Schloss Solitude
Client: Akademie Schloss Solitude

Since May 2020
Member of the expert advisory board of Interkultur Ruhr
Client: Regionalverband Ruhr (Ruhr Regional Association)

From January 2021
Jury member for “Kulturgestalten | Zukunftspreis für Kulturpolitik” (Cultural Shapers / Future Prize for Cultural Policy)
Client: Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e. V.