Diversity Hosting Tagung Event

Moderation of the annual conference of the Kitamusik network "Diversity and musical variety in the daycare".

Diversity can be experienced every day in the day care centre: children, families and professionals with different life worlds, preconditions and experiences meet here. This colourful diversity can be an opportunity and enrichment in the day-to-day life of a day care centre, but sometimes it also poses a great challenge for everyone involved.

How different family, social and cultural backgrounds enrich the day-to-day life of day-care centres and how this diversity can also be incorporated into musical work was the core question of the annual conference of the Netzwerks Kitamusik "Diversity and Musical Variety in daycare" held on 23 May 2023 in the RomaNEum of the city of Neuss, which was moderated by Prasanna Oommen. Together, the participants discussed: How can the potential of music and movement be used positively? How can bridges be built and access created by doing, listening, experiencing and feeling music together? In lectures, practical workshops and exchange forums, they received background knowledge, concrete musical suggestions and impulses for a critical examination of the topic of diversity.

At the end of the event, Prasanna Oommen took a look at the goal of the conference in a panel discussion with two experts and discussed how music can contribute to the development and strengthening of the personality of the youngest citizens of civil society between demands and everyday reality checks. Njamy Sitson provided musical accompaniment to the conference .

In cooperation with the Music School of the City of Neuss and the Rhineland Youth Welfare Office of the LVR, the annual conference was organised by the NRW State Music Academy, the NRW Kitamusik Network and the NRW State Association of Music Schools.

Image: ©Netzwerk Kitamusik NRW