Kunst Hosting Tagung Event

Moderation of the international symposium "Expressionism here and now!"

On January 25 and 26, 2024, the Museum Ostwall , together with the Technical University of Dortmund , presented the exhibition Expressionism here and now! The Horn Collection as a guest in Dortmund as an opportunity to scrutinize museum collection and mediation work and the art historical narratives on which it is based. Expressionist art, which is a focal point of the Museum Ostwall's collection, is currently the focus of critical debates on questions of post-colonialism, feminism and cultural appropriation.

As part of the two-day hybrid and international symposium "Expressionism here and now!", moderated by Prasanna Oommen, experts asked themselves in intersectional panels: Which critical perspectives are expedient for exhibiting, researching and communicating Expressionism "here and now" in museums? What changed attitudes do art history and art education need to adopt? How can such paradigm shifts be incorporated into art education and cultural education?

In addition to talks and various discussion rounds led by Prasanna Oommen, participants were able to address these questions in an analog and a digital practical workshop.

Image: ©Niklas Gliesmann