Diversity Communication Cultural Education Cultural Policy Processes Qualification Participation Workshop

Training open.mind.set

In the last five years, the topic of diversity has become more of a focus in German theaters. The demand for a diversity-conscious opening of theaters and discrimination-critical production practice is being discussed more and more frequently and demanded more loudly. The training open.mind.set focuses on the individual discrimination dimension within the institutional system.

Together with the theater pedagogue and director Bassam Ghazi, Prasanna Oommen leads this training. The lecturers, who have many years of experience in cultural and educational contexts, teach the participants the theory, practice and political context of diversity-oriented and discrimination-critical theater work in the country of immigration, the Federal Republic of Germany. 

The overriding goal of the training is to sensitize and qualify employees for the social relevance of diversity. In addition, the readiness for necessary change processes in the own institution should be strengthened.