Diversity Hosting Participation Event

Moderation of the symposium "Bewegte Zukunft" of the DOSB

With their joint project "Bewegte Zukunft" ("Moving Future"), launched in 2021, the Deutsche Olympische Sportbund (DOSB) (German Olympic Sports Confederation) and the Türkische Gemeinde Deutschland (TGD) (Turkish Community of Germany) aim to find out what needs and perspectives more diverse target groups have and how they can cover and reach them in the sports sector.

Prasanna Oommen moderated the related symposium at VKU Berlin on January 30, 2023. The focus groups formed as part of the project presented the first recommendations for action that had been developed. Afterwards, decision-makers from sports and politics, multipliers and other interested parties discussed the results together.

Entitled „Das Was und das Wie entscheidet! Gelingensbedingungen für eine nachhaltige interkulturelle Öffnung im Sport.“ ("The What and the How Decide! Conditions for success for sustainable intercultural opening in sports.") Prasanna Oommen led a discussion panel with the head of the federal program "Integration through Sport" Heike Kübler, Prof. for Integrative Higher Education and Vocational Didactics at the ESAB Potsdam Sylverster Stahl and the focus group participant Mohamed Chaaboute .

Image: © DOSB_Pointvogel_b-42