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Moderation of the "ndo" online talk

In the media, but also in institutions and many other areas, people with a history of migration and/or Black people and/or People of Colour are still underrepresented. Yet they have long been part of post-migrant society in Germany: as chemists in research laboratories, as creatives in agencies, as professors at universities or as company managers in small and medium-sized enterprises. With the online expert database Vielfaltfinder the ndo "Vielfaltfinder", the ndo ("new German organisations - the postmigrant network") brings together diversity and expertise and therefore provides access to experts who can convey missing perspectives on a wide range of political and scientific topics - particularly useful for journalists. All experts in the data base have one thing in common: they come from a diverse minority.

The ndo digital tool was presented at an online event on 18 April 2024. Prasanna Oommen moderated the talk and, together with activist, moderator and research assistant to a member of the German Bundestag Karen Taylor, consultant, journalist and speaker Konstantina Vassiliou-Enz and photographer and filmmaker Ali Kanaan talked about how migrant and BIPoC experts from different areas and sectors can be made visible.