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New Year's campaign

The year 2020 has taken unexpected turns. And we don't just mean the pandemic, which of course dramatically overturned, redirected, but also triggered many things, especially in the cultural sector. For us, 2020 was a year of trust. From our clients and friends in us. We are still inspired by this and feel great gratitude.

We were able to meet people who know their stuff. And are committed body and soul - in the areas of educational equity, digital transformation, opening up the cultural sector and participation. People who take naming racism and discrimination in all these areas for granted. People for whom diversity is not a selling point, but an attitude. These people, along with all the ups and downs, have made our year 2020 an inspiring and hope-giving year that we would now like to build on.

That's why we've captured what we've heard and read on these 12 postcards - one for each month of the new year.