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Moderation Museum Ludwig: „Kultur & Klima: Vision 2025 – Klartext für grüne Kultur“

The Paris Agreement, Fridays for Future, Climate Change Act - and culture? A "guilty pleasure" accompanied by a guilty conscience because of how much is produced and consumed and transported and illuminated?

How could it be done differently? How can climate neutrality be changed from a "nice to have" to a "must have" also in the future cultural sector? How can museums and other sectors become "greener" and more sustainable? And what do they need to do so? What do they possibly already have, but are not yet using sufficiently? What might a "green" cultural scene look like in the future?

These and other questions were the focus of the panel discussion moderated by Prasanna Oommen on 15 February 2022 as a prelude to the "Art & Climate" series at the Museum Ludwig. The panellists were:

  • Nicola Bramkamp (künstlerische Leitung von Save the World e.V.)
  • Stefan Charles (Councillor for Art and Culture of the City of Cologne)
  • Miriam Szwast (Curator for Photography and Ecology at the Museum Ludwig)
  • William Wolfgramm (Beigeordneter im Dezernat Umwelt, Klima und Liegenschaften)

The panel discussion was recorded and can be viewed here: